Towing Assistance Discloses 3 Pontiac Tow Truck Types

Precisely what Style of Pontiac Tow Truck do you Need?

Local towing service, Seminole Towing Pontiac, talks about the principal 3 kinds of tow trucks typically utilized. Someone trying to find a Pontiac tow truck company must understand some standard data concerning the style of equipment their agency works with. While many choose to use similar towing vehicles, there are others who have a foremost advantage over their adversaries since they have more appropriate equipment.

The type of tow truck used is important to owners of particular automobiles like luxury cars or classic autos. It is vital to know that the vehicle will be cautiously protected during the towing. Pontiac Towing lists these most common kinds of tow trucks:

Flatbed Truck. This type of tow truck is the most familiar alternative if the car being towed is a four wheel, or an all-wheel drive. The flatbed truck incorporates a flatbed trailer that inclines while the car is pulled onto it using a chain wrench. The car is then secured into the back, making it ready for a safe ride. the Pontiac Tow truck provider will solidly attach the back of the car to the trailer to prevent damage to the suspension.

Hooked Truck. This is the conventional towing truck that has a hook at the back. The hook is positioned under the front of the car and elevates the front wheels from the ground. The towed car trails after the truck in this easy-to-fasten suspension. On the flip side, there can be risk to the car being towed, primarily if the place is a long distance away. This design of wrecker should by no means be made use of for towing a four-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle.

Niche Towing Truck. There are a lot of companies that utilize different trucks for various vehicles, for example, chopper. This might be either a pickup truck with a modified bed, or a full sized truck that may transport the motorcycle inside the open back.

These are the common categories of tow trucks employed by towing companies to move vehicles. To be safe, drivers should know which truck is the most appropriate vehicle to carry their auto.